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The ethnographic park contains three buildings: O Muiño do Burato (the mill with the hole), the fabric Museum O Fiadeiro (a linen mill) and the Leather Museum, Fábrica de Curtidos Familia Nogueira. All of them are representative signs of the old way of life and economy of this zone, clearly linked to the Arnoia River.

This park was born with the aim of recovering and integrating ethnographical patrimony elements in Allariz’s life. All these elements, lasting on the territory, belong to economic and cultural elements linked to the river: principally leather’s weather-beaten and grain cereal transformation.

» Información Ampliada do Parque Etnográfico (PDF)
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The Galician toy museum was created with the purpose to collect the toy’s meaning and value over time. The museum is located at the Social Center, the Manor of the old court. The initiative was carried out by the village Council after Alberto Oro Claro, inhabitant of Allariz, donated an important toy collection, compiled by him for years.

This collection has a great number of toys formerly considered as masculine, military toys and also board games and cinema projectors.

Since its inauguration in 1995, initially funds were increasing thanks to people’s donations and contributions. Some of them are a donation of Belén Outeiriño, inhabitant of Ourense: about three hundred chairs of different origin; a dolls collection of the XX century given by Mª del Carmen Encinas, inhabitant of Ourense, some fantastic doll houses or an English feminine table football dated from 1917 donated by an antique dealer from Madrid.

The museum offer new possibilities that allow visitors’ active participation. Sense of touch and sight are the most used in some easy skill games.
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This museum was born thanks to the donation of Aser Seara, who made real his desire of depositing a valuable collection of sacred art on his village, compiled since 1960.

Some popular religious art pieces constitute this large and assorted collection. Most of pieces are sculptures based on Marian themes but they are also Christ and Saints images.
The museum is located at a beautiful restored building in the middle of Allariz historic quarter, old property of Altamira’s Count. There, visitors can admire Romanesque, gothic and baroque images from the XII until the XIX century
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Vicente Risco Foundation was set up on the 12th of April, 1995 by the initiative of Antón Martínez- Risco Fernández with the aim to study Vicente Martínez- Risco Agüero’s work in depth, continuing this way with his work for Galicia.

The headquarters of the foundation was erected in the house property of Vicente Risco’s wife, in San Lourenzo Street, where the writer worked and passed long time until he died.

The building has Vicente Risco’s library and office, manuscripts, notes, his drawings and also personal objects or artistic works of his own. The content of the museum increases thanks to the library, documents and plastic work of Antón Risco, promoter and first Foundation president until his death in 1998.
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The Santa Clara Museum of Religious Art is located in A Barreira, at Santa Clara Convent, a baroque construction built in the XVIII century. The museum has three small rooms with an internal structure of XIII century, property of Clarisas’ order. Time ago, the convent was supposed to own great art works, which, some of them, are still in the museum. The most important one is the Virxe Abrideira, a small ivory carved statue of XIII century, probably donated by the Queen of Castilla and León, Doña Violante, founder of the convent and wife of Alfonso X, “The wise”.

The other most important museum’s piece is a rock crystal Cross, an interesting sample of gothic silver work.

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